Night at the Races

Proceeds Benefit the Blue Ribbon Farms Equestrian Team at the All American Youth Horse Show!

March 1, 2014
Independence Twp. Community Center
116 School Road
Aliquippa, PA 15001

A Racehorse for the night... Included in your $20 donation is the right to name your horse. It can be funny, it can be cute, it can be anything you want to name it. If your horse wins his/her particular race, you win too!
Eat, drink, and cheer for your favorites all night.
You may choose either horse or jockey, click here for a form.
Get your forms in on or before February 22nd, 2014.
$20 per person Includes buffet dinner, beer, beverages and horse

Please make checks payable to Karen Prawucki
For more information, please call (412) 974-1650 (Dan) or (724) 601-0168 (Karen).

BRF Show Team Spaghetti Dinner & Fundraiser

A BIG THANKS to everyone who helped and who attended or ordered take out. It was a huge success with 405 dinners sold!

Silvers Spurs Junior Hipology Team

Congratulations to the Silvers Spurs Junior Hipology Team for taking 1st place at the Pennsylvania State Acheivement Days August 7-9. Silver Spurs 4-H club sent ten member to this competition. This event is tough as 4-H members from across the state compete. The kids are judged as a team but also as an individual. The junior team of Tori Ingram, Jianna Palladini, Sabrina Perilli and Paige Prawucki won their division but individually Paige Prawucki won 3rd, Sabrina Perilli was 5th and Tori Ingram won 9th place merit. Andrew Spellman and Sarah Timmerman placed 5th for horse judging and Andrew won 10th place merit and Sarah won 2nd place merit individually.

On March 16th, 2012 after school, 12 Silver Spurs 4-H members, which included several members of the BRF show team, made a trip to Penn State. We ate dinner at Subway and continued on to the Creamery and a night filled with studying. Early on the 17th, we ate breakfast and made our way to the Penn State Block and Bridle Spring Judging Contest. We had several new members along with some veterans. They had a brief clinic and then the judging began. The teams had to judge 3 classes of halter 4 performance classes which included western riding, western pleasure, hunt seat equitation, and hunter under saddle. Not knowing what to expect, the advanced team had to write and present 2 sets of reasons while the beginners wrote 1 set of why they placed the class the way they did. Much to our surprise, when the award ceremony came, our teams did very well. They placed both as teams and we had some individual awards. Team 1 was our advanced beginners of Auberly Berringer, Ainsley Berringer, Elena Megaludis and Black Sirko. Team 2 was one of our beginner teams of Colton Swogger, Tori Ingram, Leighann Fisher and Sabrina Perilli. Team 3 was also a beginner team of Andrew Spellman, Jianna Palladini, Forrest Swogger and April Schmidt.

ADVANCED TEAM                                                        BEGINNER 1 TEAM                                                        BEGINNER 2 TEAM
1ST PERFORMANCE                                                     1ST PERFORMANCE                                                        3RD HALTER
2ND OVERALL                                                             1ST OVERALL                                                               4TH PERFORMANCE
4TH HALTER                                                               4TH REASONS

INDIVIDUALS-ADVANCED                                                             INDIVIDUALS- BEGINNERS
4TH PERFORMANCE        BLAKE SIRKO                                     1ST OVERALL                   TORI INGRAM
4TH OVERALL                  BLAKE SIRKO                                   2ND OVERALL                  LEIGHANN FISHER
6TH HALTER                    BLAKE SIRKO                                   2ND PERFORMANCE        LEIGHANN FISHER
8TH REASONS                AINSLEY BERRINGER                           3RD HALTER                     FORREST SWOAGER
9TH OVERALL                 AINSLEY BERRINGER                           4TH HALTER                     JIANNA PALLADINI
10TH PERFORMANCE     AUBERLY BERRINGER                             4TH OVERALL                   JIANNA PALLADINI
                                                                                        5TH PERFORMANCE         COLTON SWOGGER
                                                                                        5TH REASONS                   TORI INGRAM
                9TH REASONS                  LEIGHANN FISHER
                                                        9TH OVERALL                  COLTON SWOGGER

Hunter Pace

The Hunter Pace ladies at Blue Ribbon Farms are finishing the year with a bang.

These ladies placed in this year’s Mini Trial series at every event.   The series started in May and finished up in October.  

Left to Right :   Ann Ridley, Pam Kendrew, Colleen Karnes, Brenda Greco,   JoAnn Pappas, Kate Keech

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the sport, here is how it works.. You put an English saddle on your horse, (you know the one that doesn’t have a horn to hold on to), Put on a helmet, and it’s a good idea to wear a safety vest, then go to an open field /forest where no one can hear you scream and start running as fast as you can until you come to a jump that looks like someone with a mean streak put together.. Then do this for 25-30 jumps in a 4-6 mile stretch and compete against the “official optimal time” that could be imaginary for all you know…..Let’s see.. We’ve jumped whisky barrels, canoes, stone walls, benches, ditches, we’ve jumped into water , out of water,   a wooden pallet (that was a mistake by the way, it was to block the trail that was full of mud as we soon found out) and my favorite jump... a Choo-Choo Train..   What a great time it is..   Join us!

Pam Kendrew and Pokey jumping the train  

Colleen Karnes and Tessa jumping out of the water on to the flat

Ann & Rosco

Sunny Days

A gang from Blue Ribbon headed south to the beach for an end of summer vacation in Ocean City, Md. Dan and Chris along with the Ingram family and Forrest Swoagger, Melaina, Dillon and Colton Swogger, Paige and Zack Prawucki had a great time at the beach boogie boarding, building sand castles and burying each other in the sand. Of course there was the boardwalk, go carts, seafood restaurants and crabbing in the sound. We had beautiful weather just a week before the hurricane. What a nice way to end a busy summer. Thanks to Jess and Hannah for taking care of the barn while we were gone.


HORSE 101 for Adults

A special Thank You to Connie Korner for her horse 101 class. This was offered free of charge to all the adults in the barn.   This class included the basics of grooming, saddling, tack, and some health care.   Also included was basic leading, handling and riding.   The class was done over 6 Saturdays and was attended by parents of the riders from the barn and newer adult students.   Learned a lot,   ate a lot, laughed a lot. (that’s how we do most everything!)



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Aliquippa, PA 15001
(412) 974-1650

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